Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Death of The Left -

Two things strike me about the General Election result. Londoners massively voted for Labour, and it is quite apparent that the idea of only toffs voting Tory is no longer an argument with any weight.

I'll give you an example and if the Labour Party really want a case study of an area where they should do very well, then South Thanet would be a great starting point.

It is largely a white working class area. It's an area that's really felt the brunt of the immigrants from Eastern Europe due to it's proximity to Dover. Labour has to ask itself why that kind of voter has deserted them.

The politically correct view of a multi cultural society is very much a London thing. I know many many fair minded folk who don't have a racist bone in their body but they are sick and tired of having the race card played on them because they have a view of mass immigration.

And it is this ultra liberal metropolitan nonsense which has killed off the Left country wide.

The PC brigade have taken the role of The Thought Police. There's a massive difference between calling someone a vile name, say the N or P word, to what the PC brigade will claim is racist. We all walk about worrying about what we can and can't say. Is it correct? Will I lose my job over it? Will I be seen as a racist or a homophobe? No wonder folk are uptight.

Leftisim has been hijacked by a Metropolitan liberal elite. Mainly what I call "right on" worthy types. Being right on and worthy has nothing to do with Leftisim. Labour has clung to celebrity for far too long. In recent elections there's been a trend to wheel out a group of famous folk who will be backing Labour - this is very much an American idea. Tell me. If someone is struggling to put food on the table do you really think they give a fuck what Steve Coogan thinks?

Most of those who come out and bang the Labour drum are comfortably off - so how is it that they will reflate to ordinary folk. That's not to say we don't want rich folk supporting Labour - we just don't need to hear about it - evangelisim is cuntish.

I don't think it's a bad thing that the Tories got in. A coalition is not us. It will also focus minds and create a proper opposition. Labour has been a soft Tory option for too long. When it comes to ideology, how can anyone possibly relate to the son of a Marxist millionaire? How can a Marxist millionaire even exist? Mummy and Daddy paid for so many of the metropolitan liberal elite to become Marxists or Anarchists.

Freedom of speech, and even the freedom to offend, has been stifled by fascists in the UK. Look to Charlie Hebdo - a radical left wing satirical comic - when the fascists came to try and murder all that work for it it just got stronger. Of course you have the right to laugh at Islam when you live in a secular society - but here ? Even this view will have me branded an Islamaphobe.

As a Lefty I believe Islam is out of control in the UK because we allow the religious far too much freedom of expression in public - religion is a private matter - it should be kept that way. I very much support the banning of certain religious dress as in France.

As a Lefty I want us out of the EU - and as quickly as possible.

Neither of those views make me a racist or an Islamaphobe- both those views validate my Leftisim. You didn't hear folk calling Tony Benn a racist for being anti EU. And it is also the job of the Left to promote a secular society - we are not even close to one of those.

Tim - London - May 2015

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