Monday, 26 January 2015

Twitter Activists or Pissing in the Wind?

I don't like the Liberal Left. They are an excuse. Come the revolution they will delay it due to not having a colour coordinated wardrobe, or the Yoga club is meeting in North London.

Look to Greece and France for radical politics. Folk in the UK who bang on about politics on twitter tend to see things in Black & White. Example: the job of the Left is to love everyone and the job of the Right is to hate everyone.

They were taught this at Uni by some cunt in sandals and an Hoxton Beard.

Mummy and Daddy paid for him to be a Marxist and she owns a T-Shirt with an A in a big circle.

The fact that these fucktards would have to put their parents up against the wall 'come the glorious day' never enters their tiny minds.

British radicalism is to tweet - moan - tweet - moan. We are told not to vote by a hairy Jesus called Brand and some media lovey called Owen Jones. They both fill me with rage and loathing. Seriously - where are the fucking heroes ?

A British barricade would come with an accostic set by Ed Sheeran and Coldplay.

Our British lives are blighted by "right - on" metro lefties of the cultureless middle class in London.

They all tweet the same shit, agree with the same shit, and all toe the party line of their friends for fear of not bring invited round to the next Latte session in some non existent cunt of a village in a suburb of urban London.

I'm off to build a bariade but as long as I can go to a Gallery and see a play first.

T - 2015

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