Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Hang Mummy and Daddy - Why the British Left is Dead.

The Labour Party is currently bitch slapping itself as it attempts to elect a new leader. Should it remain centre or return to the Left proper?

I hate all the candidates so I'll keep my argument to an ideological one.

Leftism is a dirty word in Britain. Socialism is an even dirtier word. But neither are dirty words in Europe. Why?

The Left in Britain has never recovered from the late 70's and 80's. The Looney Left. The Trots - The Militants. Crack pot pseudo lefties who you'd see raising money for say The Lesbian Polo Team Collective in China. In short. Mad cunts. Nothing to do with the left at all.

We have this idea in Britain that everything the Right does is bad and everything the Left does is good. Which is bollocks. I think the reason why Leftisim still exists in Europe is because the model is a radical one. Politics is far more alive just over the Channel in France.

I like the French way. The extremes exist. The extremes are voted for. Followed. Loved. Just look at the FN. A far right party who are now in a position to possibly win the country. I loathe them, but the French are given a very clear choice. The media doesn't try to hide the extremists. It debates with them. The country moves between Right and Left on a regular basis. This is how it should be.

The Radical Left which exists over the water has ideas which we would consider to be Right over here. The Anti EU agenda is largely run by the Radical Left in many countries in Europe.

The Radical Left reacted in what would be considered a Right Wing way in Britain to the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Radical Secularism is very much rooted in the Left ideology but could appear Right over here. Example - you're a Muslim in full veil in public? - you are breaking the law. You will be heavily fined. And these ideals go back to the Revolution of 1789.

The British Left was hijacked many years ago by morons. By the Pseudo Left. Mummy and Daddy paid my Uni fees and I became a Marxist. I now want to hang capitalist Mummy and Daddy.

The spokespeople for the British Left are nearly always celebrities. Take Tony Robinson. He soon took the Sir gong. It's all about them. It's all about self promotion. Look at Brand. A hairy Jesus who always appears to be selling a DVD or Tour when he's making a big political noise.

The one candidate for the Labour Leadership who is of the Left is based in what was in the 1980's the self proclaimed Socialist Republic of Islingon. He was very much part of the Looney Left. Islington was Nuclear free - which meant the bomb wouldn't affect it - mad fuckers.

The "right on" brigade who now claim to be of The Left all tend to be London based. They wank each other off in Soho House and go Hipster dogging. Their self righteousness is what gets up my nose. Nobody serious can take these people who claim to be of the Left seriously. The Champagne Socialist is well and truly alive. I prefer the French expression. Gauche Caviar.

Yes the Left is dead in the UK. It is dead because it lost its way. It is owned by the rich and wealthy. It was fist fucked by Liberals.

The End. Fin.

TR - London 2015

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