Monday, 27 April 2015

3 Cunts and a Funeral - General Election

The lead up to next weeks General Election should be one of the most exciting in years - but in truth it is drab, uninspired, loaded in apathy, and frankly more than a bit shit.

I'm often reading on social media how outraged folks are by the past 5 years of coalition but the truth is that most people are non plussesd, are ok with their lot, and it appears that the country is not in the state that the Internet revolutionary would have us believe.

If things really were as bad as these plastic lefties tell us then there would be one party way out in front with a promise of sweeping change.

Sadly this is how I think it will play out - The Tories will win with a small minority and will run with it. Chances of two Elections in one year are slim. No one will really care.

So will there be a mass protest at this outcome ? No - Will 2 million pile down to Parliament and demand change and not budge until change has been achieved? No.

I'm often reminded of the march of the 2 million in London prior to the invasion of Iraq in 2002. I'm often told that this demonstration proved that nothing changes even when you protest in these numbers. Bollocks.

The reason it didn't work as a demonstration is because everyone went home on that same Saturday evening. The 2 million didn't occupy Parliament Sq until the Government heard them and changed direction. No. Everyone went home.

They went home because home isn't so bad. They didn't really believe in preventing an invasion. They were part of a snow ball effect. They were no better than the mass of nut jobs who sat round fucking trees after Diana had died. They saw the flowers being placed in Kensington Gardens and thought, " I'm having some of that."

The problem with the British voter but particularly the English is, well, the English. An apathetic bunch who are largely politically impotent and find it easier to blame immigrants for all their problems rather than having a long look in the mirror.

Politics is dead here. Ok there are a few fringe movements but folk really can't be that arsed. They can't be arsed beause they are ok. It's not that bad. The foodbanks, the fucked up hospitals, the shit education system - this is all someone else's problem. I'm alright Jack - the selfishness of a selfish nation - vapidity and self interest rule.

You look at the media and 3 cunts look back at you - if you put your jumpers down as goalposts and picked two captains to pick two Football teams from a group of 20 no one, and no one, would pick Cameron, Clegg or Miliband. Not even as the fat kids who went in goal. These 3 men couldn't inspire anything in anyone. Is this really all we have?

The nation is at a massive funeral but doesn't know it.

15 million who could have voted in the last GE didn't bother. When you consider The Tories received 11 Million votes then this is a serious number suffering from apathy. But I've little doubt that many of those 15 million vote for X Factor and BGT shitters.

I'm from a class where it has never mattered who's in power. Either way we get shafted sans lube.

I'll go to the ballot box because I always have. I was brought up right.

My hope is not in the proles or polls - it's in my belief that the TV coverage will be good next Thursday and that I will go to bed  with less self loathing than a normal weekday because I will have spent all my hate on those appalling wankers we call politicians.

Happy Voting.

London 2015 

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